Hi there, I am Insa, and this is my blog!

I am a media researcher & storyteller at heart. I’m also aromantic, asexual and agender (although it’s taken me a long time to come to my labels). I am very interested in romantic love, sexual attraction and gender expression, albeit in a scientific way. My pronouns are she/they, but I really don’t care which one you use for me.

After finishing my masters with a focus on media & communication studies, as well as English studies, I switched sides at university and now support teachers in their adventures digital teaching. I decided against a conventional academic career in my field and instead chose to share my research and thoughts on this blog. My hope is that by making my research and my thoughts openly available, I can help making the world a better place.

Having grown up thinking I am a cis gender straight person, I am now trying to spread the word in order to fight for representation and against misconception, not only for my own labels but for the whole community. Beyond that I am an intersectional feminist & am trying to make the world a better place for everybody, one rant at the time.

In my free time I write stories that interest me, play the bass poorly, and procrastinate whenever I can. I sleep a lot because writing fictional worlds all day is exhausting. And when I’m not sleeping? I spend a lot of time playing with plants and my hamster. Oh, and there’s lots of coffee involved too.

Acing Science

At the heart of my research I am all about intergroup relationships within the GSRM community on social media. I focused on asexuality in my master thesis, but I also want to include other layers and perspectives into my original research. Sharing more information about asexuality and aromanticism is also important to me.  

Outside of that, I am also interested in body positivity, social justice, and random thoughts on the world. Sometimes I write about all these topics from an academic perspective, and other times from a more personal one.

If you enjoy any of the above, please take a look around and feel free to join the conversation!