Purple Thunder

2011 Purple Thunder is the local superhero. He has saved hundreds of people from a fate worse than death, and helped put the dregs of humanity behind bars. However, since his sidekick was brutally murdered, Purple Thunder has undergone a dramatic change. No longer interested in being the superhero, he has let innocent victims get murdered, criminals walk free and his superhero gadgets fall apart. He has become a maudling, self-centred, rude superfail. One last chance presents itself for purple Thunder to redeem himself and reclaim his superhero status ………
But will he take it?
Is he still capable?
Enter Jack, Purple Thunder’s biggest fan. He has dangerous information, information he will trade for the chance to be the ex-superhero’s new sidekick ………….
Take a deep breath before you launch into this racy superhero comic book story, for it will keep you turning the pages until the very last word...

[more information will come soon]