Hi there, I'm Insa! Writer, designer and crazy person.

I was born in 1984 which means I'm one of the classical 90s kids that grew up with Jurassic Park and Titanic. We were fascinated, when Pixar came and showed us the first movie in 3D: Toy Story. Eurodance and Grunge music was big and so were the Spice Girls. We loved Super Mario and Sonic and of course Pokémon. We had Tamagotchis, Inline Skates and Pogs. The GameBoy was big, and now it also had colour! I remember loving the Turtles, Darkwing Duck, Chip & Dale and having the weird urge to buy PushPops which were icky to handle, but still somehow cool, back then, when mobile phones were rare and huge, and the Internet was freshly born.
In my life I witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, a total eclipse of the sun and the famous Y2k that never actually happened. I still know where I was when 9/11 changed the world, and I hope I'll still be there to see what happens on December 21th, 2012.

Back in the 90s I was living in Hannover, before moving to Peine, before moving to Hannover, before moving to Peine again. Today I live in Braunschweig, work as a media designer and study media studies at HBK Braunschweig. Since I don't have a driver's license, I get around by tram and train every day. It gives me time to read, write and daydream.

Languages I know include German and English), a tiny bit of French and Norwegian, and also curses in Swedish, Finnish and Czech. I also know how to order beer in Czech and what „opinion“ is in Spanish. I love England, especially London, and I'm love with Oslo since the moment I saw it.

I'm an avid reader and love all kinds of books as long as the story keeps me hooked. Favorite writers include John Niven, Neil Gaiman, A. Lee Martinez, Terry Pratchett, Rebecca Gablé and Patrick Rothfuss. Favorite Books are „The Second Coming“, „Stardust“, „The Name of the Wind“ and „Das Lächeln der Fortuna.“ I also love more classic books like „The Scarlet Pimpernel“ and „The Hunchback of Notre Dame.“ You also find many writing themed books in my way too small shelve, and also specialized books about whatever I was writing about in the last months. At the moment it includes languages, prophecies and the Hopi. I love to do research for my stories and also just for fun. Learning is fun to me, as long as noone forces me.

I started writing back in 1998 (August, 28th – I marked that day in the calendar, because it felt big to me), starting with fan fiction about The X-Files, but it took me 9 years until I actually finished a novel for the first time. Or... the first draft of it. NaNoWriMo saved my literature career (that still has to take place one day). For now I have 14 first drafts and the plots are still coming and buzzing around in my head. Currently I'm editing my novel "Purple Thunder" that I will try to get published as soon as I'm done. You can follow my progress on Twitter.
Beside that I am also a music junkie. I love so many genres that people stare at me in disbelief when I'm talking about music. I love metal of many kinds, like Nightwish, Sabaton and the Poodles. I also love musicals like Hairspray, Rent, Cats and all the others. OSTs are also awesome, especially stuff from Hans Zimmer to Danny Elfman. Random songs I love include „Dancing with myself“, „Losing my religion“ and the remix „Scream, Aim, Dance.“ I'm usually also on at least one festival a year. In the last years it was the Masters of Rock in Czech Republic, and sometimes the M'era Luna in Germany. Wacken? Who needs Wacken?

TV Shows I love are Doctor Who, Sherlock, Scrubs, House, Drop Dead Diva and of course The Big Bang Theory. Older shows I still love are X-Files, Ally McBeal, Prince of Bel Air, Golden Girls and many more. I love watching movies, especially rock movies like Rock Star, School of Rock, The Rocker and Spinal Tap. But I also like movies such as Charlie and the chocolate factory which I watched 13 times until now. 10 times of it was in cinema. Most movies are much better on the big screen and I love going to the cinema a lot. But I also love watching movies at home, alone or with friends.

Favorite food includes pizza, cookies and pasta. I like to drink tea, fruity tea like drinks and coffee. I'm openly in love with my Senseo Quattro and the 14 sorts of coffee I own for it. Some may say I am an addict. I'm too much in love to prove people wrong. Besides, there are worse drugs than caffeine out there.

I live alone with two ferrets (Bailey & Muffin) in a small apartment. My neighbours are crazy, but whose neighbours aren't?
When it comes to animals, I love ferrets best. But I also love rats, dogs, cats, mice, turtles, turtoises, hedgehogs, sugar gliders and other animals as long as they are not spiders. I do hate spiders. And bugs, and ants and... stuff.

What many people don't know, is that I have a brother and a sister. They are 13 (sister) and 12 (brother) years older than me and moved out long before I met my nowaday friends. We don't have much contact, which is kind of traditional in our family. If you'd know my aunts, uncles & cousins, you'd know why. As all the other family members I am fine with being alone – for some time. I like to connect with friends and if it's only via the Internet. No (wo-)man is an island. Neither am I.

Hi, I'm Insa, writer, designer and crazy person.